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in the last video we started talking about cognates cognates remember our words that are either the same or basically the same in both English and Spanish there are one-off cognates like hotel which in Spanish is just lol but then there are also cognate patterns like the O are words words that end with o are in English are usually exactly the same in Spanish you just have to say them the Spanish way the word actor in Spanish is a knock door exactly the same then we mainly focused on the tion to cion words like nation in English nation ends in tion so in Spanish it's the same word but the tion becomes C IO n so nation in Spanish is nacin la nacin what's cool about these cognate patterns is once you learn one member of the group you instantly know them all because they all follow the same pattern so in the last lesson if you just looked over the word list you instantly knew about 50 new words simply knowing these cognates exists and realizing that you already know them really is more than half the battle so today we're gonna continue with the cognate patterns and when you're done with this video you'll know another 50 words this time verbs hola soy Jordan and this is a Spanish quickie fast easy Spanish lessons from somebody who speaks your language okay this group is very similar to the last group in the last group we took an English noun remove the tion at the end and added cion to get the Spanish now well this time we're gonna do the same thing but we're gonna remove the a te at the end of English verbs and replace it with just a R to get a ar verbs in Spanish like with the word activate or set better to activate for this group we take off the a te at the end of activate and replace it with a R so to activate and Spanish is Activa pretty simple right now I do want to give you a pointer when you're making flashcards you should write the verbs out in English with the word - like tio so in this case right to activate on one side not just activate and active odd on the other side it doesn't come into play much with this group specifically but with the word act in English that can be a verb or a noun to differentiate it's best to always write verbs in their infinitive form so if you see just act on the flashcard you know that's the noun and if you see to act you'll know it's the verb for the record act in Spanish the noun is el octo and to act the verb is up2i but back to the task at hand celebrate works just like activate does see how celebrate ends in a te well dropped the a te and replace it with an AR to celebrate in Spanish is celebrate my sandy xeno calculate is another example take off the a te at the end of calculate replace it with an AR and you get calcula to calculate is calcula elevate is Ella var same thing a te to AR but other than that those are the same words to elevate is la vie participate is another textbook example of this a te to AR and to participate is participar now please...